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My Why

Ok sorry for making "The Why" so big and not having any pretty photos on here but you know it is the most important part of this website and why you will love what we do. My Why is about you, your history and your legacy and not about get my next wedding, but more about that later.  Funny to think when you are getting married but you will most likely have children and in 20 to 30 years you and your parents will be different and some of the closest people to you might no longer be here.  So "The Why" defines you, who you are and how you got here. It is the person you have become and the one you will be to your children.  It is much more than the "who I am" in trying to save money or gettting that vintage effect on your photos, it is capturing one of the most important days in your life.  It is marrying the person you feel worthy enough to be the one that you will journey the rest of your life with. It is being the son or daughter to the parents that might not be here in those 30 years.  It is in trying to show your legacy to who you are and the ones we have left behind.  It is so much more than how many 8x10's you will get or the dollars you will save, it is capturing the true essence of the day and being able to show how your father, their grand father had a tear in his eye when he saw you in your gown for the first time.  It's how the father of your child, your groom, will see the beauty in her father's eye's as he saw you for the first time.  This day, this incredible opportunity to create and be a part of is so much more than "can you fit into my budget". 

I am happy and I am sad based on what I have experienced. I am happy because so many have put their trust in me and realized there is so much more than just hiring someone to take photos. I am sad because so many people have chosen the route I did and their wedding could have been so much more.  We hear the stories, and it is sad. With so many people believeing they are photographers. Pick up a half way decent camera and their friend telling them they can make money at this when in fact you are leaving so much behind, in someone that knows how to photograph accentuating the positive and minimizing areas that arent as flattering or using light to show you in the best way possible. Something that will only come with over 21 years of experience.  It is sad that I have to hear so many failed stories of my couples friends, siblings and relatives that have experienced the heartbreak of the photogrpaher losing the photos or being not what they expected.  You deserve more and your images should not be one of the areas that should be compromised. Read "My Story" in the menu options above and you will hopefully understand how important your wedding is to me.

You have one chance to get it right.

Thanks for reading,


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