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Who is Craig and why your wedding is so important?

(and the "why" of his relentless pursuite of your wedding Photos & Video)


When I married my beautiful wife Bonnie, I have to admit I went the bargain route in photography. I just figured that people that were into photography knew what they were doing. Upon returning from our honeymoon, Bonnie was excited to see the photos. For a lack of better term she was sad and in tears. It was one of the most difficult things for a new husband to experience as his bride reviewed the photos. Now after 32 years of marriage it actually still is received with ill feelings.


If there is a golden lining, I asked Bonnie to put her gown back on and I would take photos of here. You see, my father had been a professional photographer for 35 years before his passing, and I remembered much of what he did. Now 21 years since beginning Craig David Butler Studios, and over 850 weddings completed and constantly being named one of the best, I try my hardest to help people avoid what I went through. With photography the way it is today, we hear almost on a daily basis the poor experiences so many other couples, family and relatives had gone through.  

Craig Butler, Photographer

Weddings are about family. They are about the people closest to us. The meaningful looks, the undeniable love and one incredible day unifying two families.


My photography is exactly about that. It is about you being able to look back and realizing it was as you imagined it with you having only smiles and great feelings.


Why setting up a time to meet is so important: You will be able to understand who I am and why your wedding is so important to me. In additional couples have told me it is the best way to see if we are the right fit for you on one of the most important days in your life. I also am able to understand who you are, what you feel and would love in your wedding imagery. Without understanding all of this it becomes just a number, based on a package.  Hindsight is always 20/20.  In other words, you are unable to go back and redo your wedding and the worst time to find out you made the wrong decision is after you received your photos and / or video. So why take a chance, its only one of the most important days in your life - Call now and see the different (734) 560-3115.

A few of the photos from Craig's first Bride, his wife, Bonnie - from 1989

Wedding photos of Bonnie, Detroit MI
Wedding Photo Bonnie Smiling, Detroi MI
Detrot Wedding photos of Bonnie
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