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Northville Senior Photos - NHS composite information

Senior Girl Example

Senior Guy Example

Open Dates


Last day Tuesday Election day - 11/7 1pm to 8pm:

What is an open date - If you are only concerned with getting your yearbook photos through us you may come during one of our opens dates. The dates and times are listed below.  This the best way to get your Yearbook photo completed. You may arrive anytime during the open date and time and have your photo taken. If you are running behind - no problem just come between the hours listed and you are good. What happens is we log you in, we take a few photos and you select them right away on our ipad. 

The amount is $46 plus tax or $48.76 and we complete all touchups needed.


You will need our yearbook order form so click here to download it.

Open Dates:

July 15th from 10am to 12pm  and 6pm to 7:30pm

August 1st  from 10:15am to 4pm.

August 15th from 2pm to 6:30pm

September 18th from 6 to 8pm

October 15th from 11 to 1 and from 5 to 7pm


LAST DAY - November 7, 2017  1pm to 8pm


SPECIFICATIONS - Dimensions - 2 inches wide by 3 inches tall at 300dpi. Head size from to of head to the bottom of the chin 1 inch. PHOTOGRAPHERS Please note you must click the Size and Resolution drop down in photoshop to get the accurate DPI sizing (72dpi is not acceptable for printing). 

DEADLINES - CDB Studios, come in to our open days listed below and you will be in the yearbook.  Photographers other than CDB Studios you must submit your photo to the Northville yearbook staff by November 8, 2017.


What we need for a photo to be included in the composite -

1. the photo properly sized;

2. a release from the photographer that specifies Craig David Butler Studios is allowed to use the photo in the Northville High School Composite 

3. Payment of $23.00 submitted online.

How to submit your composite -

1. Click here to submit now online 

2. you may bring the photo, photo release and check in an envelope and place it in the "NHS Composite" drop box on the front of our steps.



How to check if the photo is included in the NHS Composite -

In February there will be a notification within the school showing all the names included in the class composite.  

In March there will be a posting of the class composite proof posted for seniors to ensure they are in the class composite.

Please note - only those students that we have received all three requirements (photo, photo release and payment) will be included in the class composite.

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