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Things you should know when choosing a photographer.

There are many types of photographers. From companies offering several photographers to individuals that photograph as a side hustle to those that photograph weddings for a living.  Since every person is different and every photographer unique what should you do?

1. Know the difference in the people you are interested in.

a. There are individual photographers.

b. Companies that offer several services including photo, video, dj, Photo Booth, uplighting.....


First off remember ever person is a different individual and to try and find photography as a commodity is difficult at best (ie. hiring someone based on price or package alone). With different personalities and styles you really need to find someone you like and feel comfortable around. Your wedding can be a little stressful so having a calming person that can handle a ton of situations is key - experience is key.  The more experienced and creative and unique the more expensive you may find the individual but you get what you pay for.

If you find a company with several photographers that offer a bunch of services the likelihood is, with any large company, they are more about profit than anything. Most pay $500 to their photographers. Most couples would not hire a $500 photographer unless they really didn't care about the photos they will receive. In addition many will tell you they will match your desires to a photographer's style when in fact they typically are looking for a photographer a couple weeks out to fill your wedding. Please ask questions and do your research.

2. Reviews, are good and can provide insight but many photographers and companies will offer financial or other incentives for good reviews. In addition some have been known to provide even bigger incentives to remove bad reviews. So its important to do your research.


3. Experience. With a live event you have one chance to get it right. With a wedding you can't go back and redo it without a huge financial cost. So getting it right the first time is important. Experience can help. With an experienced person they will most likely be able to handle difficult lighting situations or drama with family or the bridal party.

4. Helpful hints on what to do:

Make sure you meet in person. The only way to know if this photographer is the right person and know if you will feel comfortable with them on the most important day in your life is to meet.

See a whole wedding and not just a few pretty images, that's the only way to know if they will be able to get what you are looking for.

Don't hire someone just based on an effect like the pastel, vintage or tan look. There needs to be solid photos with proper lighting and then an effect is easy to add.

5. Are they photographing for you or for their next prospective client? Today so many people spend a lot of time on gettin great looking detail photos, spending 30 minutes or more to get the right shot. The photographer should be focused on you and the meaningful people in your life. Sure getting detail photos are important but the photographer should be hired for you. and not concerned about focused on the moments that are so meaningful. 

Thanks for reading


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