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Kara & Adam - Brighton Wedding Photography, Same Day Edit Video - September 9, 2017 (yes it was

Detroit Wedding Photographer -CraigDavidButler - 59 West Reception

Adam & Kara. What can I say, many people can't understand how someone could work a 10 hour wedding on their birthday. Some people think I am crazy but until you have been in the dedication it takes to create some truly amazing images and be an important part of a couples special day - you will never know. Adam & Kara are awesome people and I guess I never really realized just how much what we do means to so many people. Thanks for allowing us to be such an important part of your wedding day.

Wedding Ceremony - St. George's Lutheran Church - Brighton MI

Wedding Photography - around Central Park, Milford Michigan

Wedding Reception - 59 West, Milford Michigan

Same Day Edit Video

Music used by permission through

Artist - Justin Landon

Song - Ready for Anything

Artist - James Dooley

Song - a fathers love

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